Emissions Data Now Available Online for Covanta's New Jersey Waste-to-Energy Facilities

MORRISTOWN, N.J., July 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Covanta is pleased to announce that emissions data for all of its New Jersey waste-to-energy facilities is now accessible to the public on the company's website. This is the same data used by operators onsite at each of the three Covanta facilities to monitor operational performance, providing a layer of transparency to give stakeholders and communities increased peace of mind, as well as a unique birds-eye view into the science behind sustainable waste management.

"By making this data publicly accessible, it is our hope that people will see beyond the industrial exteriors of our facilities and have an opportunity to engage with the work we are doing on behalf of the environment and at the same time develop a greater appreciation for the essential role our dedicated employees play in safely and sustainably managing the waste society creates," said Derek Veenhof, Covanta's chief operating officer.

Facility information and emissions data for Covanta's New Jersey plants can be found at the following links:

"Making this information available to our community members is not a regulatory requirement. We are doing so in order to provide greater transparency and understanding of the work we do every day on behalf of our neighbors and communities," continued Michael Van Brunt, senior director of sustainability at Covanta.

Continuous emissions monitoring is an important tool in determining a waste-to-energy facility's compliance with the strict emission limits set forth in its operating permit established in accordance with the federal Clean Air Act and New Jersey's strict regulatory requirements. In 2020, Covanta's facilities in New Jersey operated in compliance with their permits over 99% of the time.

Collectively, Covanta's New Jersey facilities serve the solid waste disposal needs of more than 1.8 million people in the New Jersey counties of Camden, Essex and Union powering approximately 90,000 homes and avoiding 1.8M tons of greenhouse gases annually by keeping waste out of landfills.

Covanta has been headquartered in New Jersey since 1983 and has more than 600 dedicated employees in state and approximately 4,000 in the US, Canada, Ireland and the UK.

About Covanta

Covanta is a world leader in providing sustainable waste and energy solutions. Annually, Covanta's modern Waste-to-Energy ("WtE") facilities safely convert approximately 21 million tons of waste from municipalities and businesses into clean, renewable electricity to power one million homes and recycle 600,000 tons of metal. Through a vast network of treatment and recycling facilities, Covanta also provides comprehensive industrial material management services to companies seeking solutions to some of today's most complex environmental challenges. For more information, visit www.covanta.com.

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